OCLG Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Customer Service | What, Why & How!   Customer service can mean many different things and be delivered in many different ways, influenced heavily by the industry you are in and the types of customers you attract.  But one thing is for certain customers expect service before, during and after a purchase.   Don’t confuse customer […]

OCLG Business Roadmaps

Why A Roadmap?

A roadmap is a simple, medium to high level overview of your business’s goals and targets, displayed on a timeline.  The roadmap can be in combination with your existing business plan or can guide you in completing your business plan. Drafting a well-defined roadmap is one most important step for your business.  It is often […]

OCLG Communication Tips

Easy Team Communication Tips

Mixed messages, hundred’s of emails and shifting priorities means that at times your team feels confused.  Driven and effective communication is the key to keep focus and push through to achieve results.  Here are steps you can take today to help you out! Be a Direct Communicator When trying to achieve your goal it’s important […]

OCLG Tips Motivation

Quick Ways to Motivate Your Team

Simple tips to Motivate Your Team – try one and let me know how it works out! 1. Communicate Effectively Every employee feels good and valued when their boss speaks to them on an individual level.  Make sure  your communication style meets the needs of your team and give everyone a chance to be on […]